Is it me or have people become generally gullible towards companies with names that end on “LE” (like Google and Apple, to name a few random ones…)? I mean, what’s the deal with this whole Wave thing? If Microsoft would have launched that same service in stead of Google, it would definitely have seen a lot less warm reception. And how come that phone sales of companies that have been developing smart phones for years and built much experience with that are now being overshadowed by just a single bloody cool device from Apple?
I have an odd feeling about Wave. It is not something that is in any way new I think. I believe Wave can be compared feature wise with Lotus Notes and today IBM’s Lotus Connections ( I haven’t done that, it is just my hunch speaking up here). Wave is currently being positioned as something revolutionary, and there is a huge buzz around it on the web. Don’t get me wrong, Wave is definitely a cool thing and certainly has some very strong points, but my point is that people will simply embrace it because it is Google.
So, to conclude: if you start a new company, choose a name the ends on “LE”, and nobody will question your products and buy them simply because you are cool.

Mark Nankman is a UX Architect and Web 2.0 evangelist at Capgemini. His public brain waves can be followed on Twitter: