I really enjoyed reading Johan Bergelin’s story “The joy of intercontinental flights or let’s make Mr. Khonaysser a web star” and so I’m answering his call by creating a Facebook Fan Page!
Why? Because no matter how great your product or service is, it’s people like Mr Khonaysser that make or break your brand. There is for instance in Utrecht a great restaurant/bar with an awesome atmosphere. Just the waiters are very uptight and treat you like crap. Result: not so awesome anymore, in fact I barely go to the place anymore. No matter how much money you spend on great marketing, the extra piece of chocolate you get from the coffee lady, the little jokes from the waiter and the amazing ancient Roman stories from an IT consultant (true story!) are the cherry on the pie.
Companies like Zappos have understood this and are going for the extra mile in customer service. It’s about time that companies start to understand that they can’t just rely on their great products anymore, but have to create customer intimacy. By doing this, they create a bond with the user which can make them often more loyal (often, not always). It’s like my colleague Rick Mans always says: “no matter how great or crappy your product is, it’s all about the user experience”.
So do Mr Khonaysser a favor and become a fan on the newly created Facebook Fan Page. We will try to make him a web star! Promise.

Lee Provoost is a Cloud Computing Strategist and ERP+ lead at Capgemini. You can follow his ongoing stream of thoughts on Twitter http://twitter.com/leeprovoost.