It’s very popular to blame violent movies, internet sites and games for violent behavior of violent youngsters (hmm where did that come from “youngsters”? think I’m getting old.) When there is a shooting in a school, some politicians or other activists think they can score easily by jumping on the barricades and yelling that we need to protect our children from all the violence in the media.
But do violent movies and games cause violent behavior? (=causality) Or do children (I want to avoid that weird word youngsters) that have some kind of violent (aggressive) nature tend to watch more often violent movies (=correlation). Please let’s not get into this discussion since I know it’s not a general rule. (I secretly enjoy watching the Saw movies but that doesn’t mean I am hunting down my practice manager with a chainsaw. And, well at least that’s what I believe but correct me if I am wrong, I don’t have a very violent nature.)
Heading to the social media discussion: companies that make good use of social media strategy and get great results from it, is it because of the tools like Twitter and Facebook or is there something else? Otherwise said, will using Twitter make your company more successful? (=causality) Or do companies that have an innovative culture and are already working hard on customer intimacy tend to be more open for using social media tools? (=correlation)

Lee Provoost is a Cloud Computing Strategist and ERP+ lead at Capgemini. You can follow his ongoing stream of thoughts on Twitter