For those of you who have somehow missed out on global news for the last 8 months or so this might come as a slight shock: the world economy has collapsed, and the value of the dollar is tumbling. Everyone has mainly been blaming the credit bubble (collateral debt refinancing) for this, but I say that the whole economic crisis is mainly caused by greed and consuming more iPhones than we can afford. There, I said it. And I have this to back that theory:

data sources: DJIA, iphone sales: 1, 2

I see the rapid rise of iPhone sales in 2008 correlating very strongly with a tremendous decrease in American productivity. The data shows an unmistakable causal relationship that clearly proves my theory. I don’t have any degree whatsoever in economy, but I base my theory entirely on my well developed common sense.
Despite the phenomenal coolness of the iPhone (and other Apple products for that matter), it is not a bare necessity I would spend money on if I didn’t have it. If people would have spent their money more wisely in stead of on things they don’t need, the dollar would still be worth something. But on the other hand, it allows the countries where people did spend their money sensibly to get the iPhone for a much lower price.
There are also people who have suggested that the main culprit for the economic crisis is the excessive growth of Twitter use, but they are wrong, because obviously, it is exactly the other way around.

Mark Nankman is a UX Architect and Web 2.0 thought leader at Capgemini. His public brain waves can be followed on Twitter: