At Capgemini we unite experts in a technology focus group, which we call an… “Expert Group” (don’t search too long for the meaning behind it 😉 ). See it as some kind of special unit within a police force that is doing the “hard” work. In this week’s “featured job role”, we’ll talk with Arjan Kramer who is Expert Group leader of jIntegrate. His team is specialized in Java-based integration using the Oracle Fusion and SAP Netweaver product stack and they have broad expertise in large e-commerce projects.

  1. Name: Arjan Kramer
  2. Role: Expert Group lead and Java based Integration Technologist
  3. Age: Do you really like to know?! Well 32
  4. # years working for Capgemini: almost 10 years, pfff time flies when you’re having fun!
  5. What does an Expert Group lead and Java based Integration Technologist do?: Well as an Expert Group lead (leading the jIntegrate expert group) I set the focus of our team from a technological perspective. This means making plans, discussing training plans of the expert group members, discussing with account management what we as an Expert Group can do for the account they are working on. So bridging the gap between our technical competencies and the business needs of a particular company. As a Java based Integration Technologist I work on mapping the right technology to a particular project situation or implementation in for instance setting up a firm Software or Solution architecture for that particular case. I like to be involved in the nitty-gritty technical aspects but on the other hand keep the overview and bridge between Enterprise Architecture and a particular project situation.
  6. What an average day looks like: Well actually also in my role there are not not many average days, but I’ll try to do my best… I can be working on an RFP discussing estimations in the morning followed by a meeting with an account manager on the best way to approach a particular customer based on our Expert Group’s focus areas. After that I try to finish the work on a another RFP document, and I rush off to meet an enterprise architect I’m teaming with in a design phase for a huge middleware project. And at the end of the day rush back home to pick up the kids from the day care, which might be the most important part of the day 🙂 In the evening sometimes finishing some left-overs of the day, some emails, etc.
  7. Favorite project: My most favorite project was one I did at Deutsche Post – World Net in Bonn, Germany. I was the software architect and team lead of two development teams for realization of a complete CRM system including a middleware (SOA based) part and customization (approx. 80 %!) of the CRM system. I learned a lot there especially around the soft skills side of our job. And I improved my German. Sehr gut!
  8. What will be hot in 2009?: I think, also due to the “colder weather” the time will be right for Integration Technology that forms a firm basis (or Infostructure if you like) for creating nice added value and cost cutting business applications. Based on this I think Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) will be hot in 2009. Needless to say: the best BPM and ESB tools are Java based 😉

Lee Provoost is an emerging technologist with a focus on cloud computing strategy and ERP+ lead at Capgemini. You can follow his ongoing stream of thoughts on Twitter