“What is this Capgemini of yours doing?”. This time it was not the next girl in a bar that asked me, but an officer from the British border police when I arrived by ferry from Calais (France). It was part of an interrogation since we kind of looked suspicious I guess. “We” in this case are me (a South-Korean born, Belgian passport holding guy living in the Netherlands), one of my best friends (German guy, living in the Netherlands) and a car with Dutch license plates. I think it had to do with the license plates since she immediately lectured us “gents, you do know you can’t smuggle drugs in the country, right?”. Well, no offense to my Dutch colleagues but I guess Amsterdam is not only famous for its tulips. My business card clearly said “Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing”, so what is not to understand about that?
But in order to come forward to all those confused (but very friendly) border police(wo)men, I am going to start a series on job roles you can find at Capgemini. I asked several colleagues to answer some questions, but since I’m still waiting for the replies I’ll start with mine already since I get that question often as well “so… what are you doing again?”.

  1. Name: Lee Provoost
  2. Role: Emerging technologist with a focus on cloud computing strategy
  3. Age: 27
  4. # years working for Capgemini: 2.5
  5. What does an emerging technologist do?: I look at new (emerging) technologies and think about what it could mean to Capgemini and to our clients. I have a very broad range of interests but currently focusing on cloud computing strategy since that will be a huge game changer for a big part of our enterprise customers. I talk about cloud computing strategy with business units, give presentations, advise decision makers and write about it on our blog and in papers.
  6. What an average day looks like: By the time I wake up, my mailbox has been flooded by my colleagues in the US so as a morning ritual, still in my bed, I check my emails and a quick scan through RSS and Twitter feeds to know what has happened while I was asleep. Then it depends when I have to go to the client or to our headquarters in Utrecht (NL). In the latter case, my day is often packed with meetings, conference calls and informal talks with colleagues. Luckily we have delicious fresh orange juice, smoothies and Ben&Jerry’s ice cream available to make it a more enjoyable experience ;-). Depending on my schedule, I try to go to the gym in the early evening and finish off some work in the evening or meet up with friends.
  7. Favorite project/assignment: Already during my job interview I asked to do as many as possible projects and trips abroad and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I have literally traveled across the globe already with the two highlights being a 3 months stay in India and a 2 weeks development aid project in Uganda.
  8. What will be hot in 2009?: Cloud computing of course :-). 2009 will be the year where the cloud will mature and the early adopters amongst the large enterprises will start experimenting.

Lee Provoost is an emerging technologist with a focus on cloud computing strategy and ERP+ lead at Capgemini. You can follow his ongoing stream of thoughts on Twitter http://twitter.com/leeprovoost.