One of the roles that actively leads Capgemini’s vision on IT strategy is the CTO. In this week’s “Featured job role” edition, Ron Tolido CTO for Capgemini Netherlands, will shed some light on what a CTO is actually doing for a living and how a not-so-average day in his life looks like…
Ron Tolido.jpeg

  1. Name. Ron Tolido
  2. Role: Chief Technology Officer, Capgemini Netherlands
  3. Age: 50
  4. # years working for Capgemini: yes, a number of years…
  5. What does a CTO do?: A CTO tries to capture the impact of contemporary technology on the business of both our clients and ourselves, articulates this through strategy directions, communicates this in various ways to the outside and inside world and acts as an executive sponsor and coach to innovation activities. I report to the CEO of our region.
  6. What an average day looks like: in this role, there is never an ‘average’ day. My work typically brings me across the globe, although I probably will focus in 2009 quite a bit more on the ‘homeland’, given the urgency of the current economic circumstances. I might be writing an article about ‘Slow IT’ at home, conducting a ‘TechnoVision’ IT strategy workshop with a client in Germany, presenting on the future of Business Intelligence on a big software conference in Oslo, attending a board meeting of The Open Group in San Diego or discussing service line innovation plans at our head office in Utrecht. I gave up my own office already quite some time ago, and I love the feeling of being a free and autonomous – yet highly connected – technology strategist. To cope with all the hectic buzz of this role, I try to meditate, run and practice Chinese martial arts whenever I can.
  7. Favorite project: probably setting up and leveraging our presence in The Open Group, a world-wide standardization consortium. Within 3 years we grew from nothing to undisputed global leaders in multiple areas, such as Enterprise Architecture and professional certification.
  8. What will be hot in 2009: browser-based applications, location-aware mobile phone apps, enterprise architecture, lean process management. The weather won’t be hot, though: global warming is so 2007.

Lee Provoost is an emerging technologist with a focus on cloud computing strategy and ERP+ lead at Capgemini. You can follow his ongoing stream of thoughts on Twitter