This morning I decided to add a new search panel to my TweetDeck (one of the most popular Twitter desktop clients) setup, because I would like to stay up to speed on the currently very hot subject of Social Media. I was instantly treated on a long list of highly informative and useful tweets about that subject. But there is one that I particularly wanted to share with you through this blog:

In case you see a 404 HTTP Error in the box above, Twitter is probably being blocked by the organization you are currently working for. If you suspect that to be the case, then direct your boss here.
What you should see above is a tweet by Daniel Joerg where he points us to an awesome list of social media examples. And Capgemini is in this list too, but they should update it, because it doesn’t yet list our blogs.
By the way, this is something that you also don’t want to miss: Tim ‘O Reilly is talking about Social Media in NPR’s Science Friday cast of today. Subscribe to the NPR Science Friday podcast, and you will automagically get that interview in your iPod soon after the cast.
See, without Twitter I wouldn’t have come across all this hot stuff. And through this blog, I am able to share this with you all. Just another example of how we use social media at Capgemini.