Because of the economic downturn, a lot of companies will be looking at taking radical measures like moving their data centers into the (green) cloud. Where the CIO cried out loud that there are too many compliance, governance and security issues, the cost reduction factor is so compelling that companies are taking the risk. Change can happen… I heard.
2009 will be the year where we will see large companies move their application infrastructure into the cloud (Amazon? Microsoft?) and thus create an invisible infostructure. It will also be the year where we will see some issues (growth pains?) coming up, think about a cloud vendor’s data center that goes down due to some “unforeseen circumstances”. The old-skool CIOs (and legal department?) will cry out loud “stop this Web 2.0 hocus pocus, we told you so”, but this shift in thinking where you trust a third party to take care of your commodity infrastructure that allows you to focus on the 10 to 20 % that will give you a competitive advantage will set a precedent for the future.
Companies that survive 2009 AND took the opportunity to heavily invest in revamping themselves will be the new darlings of Wall Street and tell the world: “in your face!”.
Oh and dear CxOs that read this blog: whatever you do, please continue investing a lot in your talented employees. They are the ones that will drive your company through these economic difficult times and will implement the necessary transformations. They will make sure that your company will rock and roll the new world after the dust has settled down 🙂 Reading this document might also help.