The year 2009 will definitely see much cloud accumulation. Cloud computing is a hard to miss trend. Gartner ranked it #2 in their top-10 of tech trends. Let me list some noteworthy clouding initiatives that got to my attention:
Microsoft has already announced their own cloud (Azure). This cloud which will likely see some impressive applications in 2009.
Amazon recently announced that their Elastic Comput Cloud (EC2) now also runs Windows, allowing for cost-effective deployment of applications built with the .Net platform.
Oracle and Intel are collaborating on cloud acceleration
to enterprise speed and possibly demo their first results in 2009.
Apanta – known for the popular Ajax IDE “Apanta Studio” and the incredible serverside javascript platform “Jaxar” – has now also introduced a Cloud that can run Javascript and do serverside DOM magic. This cloud has one very compelling benefit: it allows for very flexible mobile apps. If a device isn’t powerfull enough to do CPU intensive stuff such as graphing, it could choose to simply do that in the cloud, using the same Ajax code!
There will be many more in the coming year. No doubt about it. The people on the ground look up in awe and wonder whether they should put their trust in these Clouds. Myself, I have no worries whatsoever. The benefits outweigh the risks. Clouds will reduce cost while increasing storage, automation, flexibility, mobility and innovation. Sure enough, these clouds will also attract hackers. To them, the clouds look like huge, very irresistible nuts, simply waiting to be cracked. Therefore, I predict the first cloud hacker to be convicted in the year 2009.