I know, I know, it’s a very popular thing to yell these days, but I honestly believe that 2009 will be a killing year for the value of email. People probably think that their productivity is measured by the amount of emails they send out and by the amount of people that they include in the CC field, causing vast amounts of unnecessary email traffic.
I see more and more people setting up rules in Outlook that move emails directly to the garbage bin when they are mentioned in the CC, something I’ve done as well last weekend. Enough is enough! I won’t let the overflow of emails take over my life anymore, especially if you have a Blackberry or other forms of push email this causes quite a lot of stress.
So by the fact that more and more people ignore the CC fields, this will lose more and more value. I’d say: try to avoid as much as possible to put people in the CC field. I tried it today very successfully. I only had to put one person in one email in the CC. Think about it, during the pre-email era with the fax machines we didn’t have CC either! A potential danger is that the same people that abuse the CC field, now are going to put everyone in the To field… Which is great since then it will completely kill the use of email.
Mark my words, 2009 will be the tipping point for email: companies will enforce rules for productivity and more and more people will attach less value to emails than before. I noticed that I actually do more and more phone calls or live meet ups than before (yes I feel ashamed as a computer geek) and my digital conversations have moved to Twitter and Facebook.
The funny thing is that the excessive adoption of technology as our means of communication will perhaps drive people more and more to old-skool forms of contact. The Internet will be personal again 🙂