Cloud computing is cool. Cloud computing could potentially save you some bucks. However, a lot of companies are still having some doubts about compliance, control, security and other reasons. So why not having the cloud on premise? Let’s say that Microsoft says to some large system integrators and clients: “look, you guys are big, you guys have a big system landscape and basically you are already building some kind of cloud anyway, why don’t you just adopt our cloud?”.
Does that make sense? Does that contradict a bit the whole hosted XaaS cloud hocus pocus thing? (yes I quite like hocus pocus) First reaction would be… yes! But when you think about what a lot of global companies are doing, no. Couple of large clients have already big data centers with tons of iron and they have a whole application landscape where (web) services are reused. This all in order to stimulate reuse and consistency across the company. Unfortunately in reality it is not that easy, it costs a lot of money and effort and if your architects have some wrong (or different?) ideas about how things should be, it will badly affect the company (and cause a lot of frustration among your developers). Adopting an industry solution from let’s say Microsoft or any other cloud vendor could make a lot of sense in this case.
However, how can the cloud vendor still keep a bit of control over the cloud and make it “worry-free”? If I adopt cloud technology, I don’t want to be bothered with the hardware failures and software upgrades or changes. Since that is the very reason why I chose for a cloud computing solution. So let’s take the concept that Google already does for its own data centers: cloud-in-a-box, or rather cloud-in-a-container. Microsoft can make containers that can be plugged together and form actually a cloud data center. It’s connected with the Microsoft übercloud (so that we can actually easily scale up in case of spikes and for backups) and some system integrators (or Microsoft themselves) can do hardware maintenance.
I like it.