Drinking our own cappuccino (I know it used to be champagne, but read on!) is something we’ve done for years, and I’m glad to say are continuing to do. My mind immediately turns to a distant image of our ‘CapCom’ intranet from a decade and a half ago, way before anyone had really heard of such a phenomenon. Prehistoric now of course, but ahead of it’s time back then, it was set up to improve communication within the company and reduce the cost of paper post. Once matured, it became a powerful reference.
So what? Well, the interesting thing is that it used to be something that Corporate IT did for us – but now it’s something employees ourselves are ‘mashing’ up.
Why? Well, we’re at EuroSTAR again this year and our theme is “Capgemini as a Testing Innovator”, aligned to the conference theme “The Future of Software Testing”. Having been inspired by a colleague’s efforts at the SAP TechEd in Berlin a few weeks ago, we testers are moving with the times too to redefine (or at least innovate) the event experience for visitors as well as our colleagues and others that could not make it. It is after all better to show it to you instead of only talking about it…and even better that just showing it to you, is helping you to (virtually) take part. So, in addition to aspects regarding Innovating the Testing Profession, we’ll be providing a live feed of what our speakers, stand crew and other attendees are doing at EuroSTAR2008. We’ll use Twitter for the reporting and to engage in discussions, YouTube for mobile video uploads (e.g. some one-minute interviews – hopefully with amongst others Ron Tolido (our CTO) and myself) and Flickr for mobile picture upload (mostly through Thomas’s mobile phone).
So, you still don’t get why we think we’re drinking our own cappuccino? Well, we make 2 tenets of Capgemini’s TechnoVision real:
1. From Transaction to Interaction: static feeds are simply not enough anymore – so we offer the opportunity to engage in discussions and share experiences. You can add our energetic EuroSTAR organizer Thomas Som (@thomassom) on Twitter to ask questions, to arrange a meet-up or to get some goodies and gadgets! He’ll be passing information on on how to join this experiment through Twitter, how to use a RSS feed combining Twitter, Flickr and YouTube through Yahoo! Pipes and how to add our feed to your Google reader, My Yahoo!, NewsGator, your phone or any other destination you want.
On occasion he’ll give some extra information on where to find us or when to visit our Capgemini stand to get some (innovative!) stuff and the best cup of cappuccino around…the best interaction is of course ‘real’ – so visit us at stand 18 & 20 for a chat and see the best Cappuccino maker in Holland at work!
2. You Experience: personalizing and individualizing YOUR user experience. We created a mash-up using Yahoo! Pipes where we offer you several ways to consume our live feed. Of course, if you want to adapt the way we offer our content…be creative and create your own mash-up 🙂
Join the EuroSTAR live-experience by:
1. Visiting our Yahoo!Pipes page and add our feed any destination you want
2. Adding Thomas (@thomassom) on Twitter
Hope to meet you (live or virtually!)
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