“Masterful viral for Software Testers on YouTube. Check this out!” You couldn’t get a better endorsement than that. That’s what I thought when I first saw this reaction from a top Recruitment site to the first video we put on YouTube last Friday. At the time of writing this – only a couple of days after initial placement – the short video had been accessed well over 2,200 times.

[Although there’s not much Dutch in the original video, this is the English version we later made so that the punch-line wouldn’t be lost on an International audience.]
So, by all accounts, a fantastic “debut”. But why is this worth blogging about here?
Well, there is actually a serious point. It was a comment on one of the blogs that referenced the video that triggered me: “How to elevate software testing to a cool profession. Excellent recruitment video from Capgemini on YouTube.” [Translated from Dutch website.] For those of you in the Testing profession, you’ll certainly be aware of the age old struggle we have had to convince those around us that testing is not what ‘they’ kept telling us:
• negative
• easy, so something anyone can do (well)
• boring, because it’s manual and repetitive
• a career dead-end
• etc..
Testing was one of the youngest and thus least mature streams within IT. This induced a display of immature behavior that amplified the above views and led to the need to defend our discipline. We got hold of the idea that we needed to improve the Tester’s image, and didn’t let go. We failed mostly and kept manifesting ourselves as victims: “They (developers, project leaders, even clients) don’t understand us, what we do or what our added value is”. We were prisoners of our past. We got frustrated, then gave up, hoping that people would gradually change their opinion simply based on witnessing our professionalism over time.
Did this ‘approach’ work? Well, testing is still not always considered by our peers as a separate profession or discipline, let alone a career path…you see, there I go again! Hiding behind the victim’s façade. We’ve done that for far too long.
The Tester 1.0 is history. The Tester IS now absolutely a recognised professional. Ironically though, we ourselves may have missed the turning point. So, we don’t have to try to come up with other names for our job any more, such as ‘Quality Engineers’ or ‘IT Detectives’ …we are Testers, we have a passion for perfection, and we are proud of it! We’ve embraced the future, instead of living in the past.
The Tester 2.0 has been born…
The video was meant to communicate that we’re the best, even if that’s the best kept secret in the industry – which it did well – but more importantly, what it actually achieved was to portray the profession as a cool one. Our image problem was solved by a simple video in less than a minute.
To close, and needless to say from a tester’s point of view: we recommend you watch in high quality!