Practice what you preach, eat your own dog food and drink your own champagne. While we are not a dog food manufacturer, champagne house nor religion (really?), it has no use to advice clients on how to use innovative technologies if we are not adopting them as well. I’m leaving this weekend for SAP TechEd in Berlin (#sapteched08) and with a couple of fellow Web 2.0 strategy consultants at Capgemini we were brainstorming how we could redefine the event experience for visitors and people that could not make it.
The idea is to use a mobile device (thanks a lot to Nokia for arranging in 2 days time an impressive N96!) and to provide a live feed of what I’ll be doing at TechEd. We’ll use Twitter for the reporting and to engage in discussions, we’ll use YouTube for mobile video uploads (think about interviews) and Flickr for mobile picture upload.
Along the lines of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2012 strategy we came up with the following:

  1. You Experience:This is all about personalizing and individualizing our user experience. As my fellow blogger Rick Mans says: “it’s all about what I want”. Don’t know whether he is visionary or just selfish, the fact is that in 2008 he has a point. So we created a mashup using Yahoo! Pipes where we offer you several ways to consume our live feed. Not happy with the ways we offer it? Well, be creative and create your own mashup 🙂
  2. From Transaction to Interaction: Why just providing you with a static feed? We want to engage in discussions and share experiences. You can add me on Twtter (@leeprovoost) to ask questions, to arrange a meet-up or to get some goodies and gadgets! I will once in a while give some information to find me or to visit our Capgemini-sd&m booth to get some stuff.

So you can join this experiment by:

  1. Consuming an RSS feed that combines the Twitter, Flickr and YouTube content:
  2. Add me on Twitter and ask questions, engage in discussions and most of all… you can score lots of goodies and gadgets!:
  3. Visit our Yahoo! Pipes page and add our feed to your Google reader, My Yahoo!, NewsGator or any other destination you want:

In the meanwhile, here you have a widget that displays the latest entries: