We are most happy to introduce our colleague Sean Rhody to you, as he will be frequently contributing to the CTO blog from now on. Sean is Capgemini’s technology innovation leader in the US, concentrating on areas such as Web 2.0, social computing, SOA and enterprise architecture. Also, he happens to be editor-in-chief of SOA World Magazine and you may definitely like his columns, including a recent one about ‘Jericho Security’.
Sean, the floor is all yours!
I just finished several days of training with some of Capgemini’s thought leadership team, and it had me thinking about some of the things I’d like to see in the future from the hardware (and to a lesser extent the software) that I use on a daily basis. We were in a training room, with multiple large panel displays. Sadly, we had to connect our laptops via the normal wired cabling, and in some cases even reduce our screen resolution. Even more annoying we couldn’t have all the displays run the same presentation off of a single source. So this got me to thinking. We were all connected via a wireless router, and it occurred to me that with a little ingenuity, we should be able to broadcast what’s on our screen, through the router, and have either a wireless receiver or a Bluetooth implementation on the panels that would then be able to subscribe to the display. Or even displays, in cases where we would want to display multiple signals simultaneously, or in some picture in picture mode. After thinking on it a little bit, it seems to me that this is something we could see in the next few years.
Wireless is already widespread, Bluetooth is fairly widespread and it didn’t seem like a huge leap to create dedicated video output to wireless. All the pieces already exist or could easily be created. It also occurred to me that this could make sharing and collaborating much easier, especially if direct Bluetooth to Bluetooth connections are supported. Then it becomes a simple matter to share screens on each other’s laptops while working on some joint collaboration. Of course, the next thought is much more involved – if we can share the video, can’t we then collaborate across the desktops, sharing data, applications and other assets? I’ll need to ponder that further, but I’m looking forward to being able to direct my laptop to a screen without the need to cable up.
Sean Rhody