While a previous blog post of mine about my web 2.0 life contained a lot of truth, it still was some kind of parody (I think). However, I start to realize that some of the tools that I talked about like Twitter do have a big influence on the way we communicate with each other to get things done.
I am currently looking into the possibilities of using the Amazon Cloud Computing offer and I was looking around for some like-minded souls in the company. I just twittered (twittering a new verb like googling?) if someone at Capgemini was working on this and it got picked up by Tim Kelly, the Capgemini Second Life guru. He met on Second Life the chief evangelist of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Jeff Barr and brought me in contact with Simone Brunozzi, the European Evangelist for AWS and I got in touch with him through Facebook and LinkedIn.
Another nice example, which is not directly work-related but quite interesting because of the collaborative effort of a crowd to solve a problem. Trough Bombay Expats Yahoo! Group, I got the message from a fellow expat here in Mumbai that she found someone’s credit card in the city center and she wanted to return it. Based on the details she found on the credit card, I did a Google search and found the person’s weblog. The other expats in the community were continuing with the web search and soon we found the email address of the person and were able to contact the “victim”.
So, basically with a set of extra web 2.0 tools like Yahoo! Groups, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, I can tap into a whole crowd of people that can help me in achieving my goal. Often not even intentionally. A couple of very interesting initiatives recently started because someone saw my twitter message or read my blog and approached me. One could call it desperate or inefficient, the fact that I am shouting out something with the hope that someone else picks it up. I like to call it collaboration, but redefined.