Did I ever tell you that I am sort of a hardcore Apple fan? Nah, probably not.

The thing is, the way they package technology into solutions that touch the heart of their clients is simply unmatched. And the rest of the IT industry can learn from it. Take for example the new Time Capsule product: when I was in London last weekend (unexpectedly enjoying snow and some things happening around a torch) I witnessed it life for the first time in the Apple Store in Regent Street and I bought it immediately trough the Internet when I returned home. It essentially just happens to be a backup device, but it is wireless and looks like a piece of art. It works in the background, in real-time synchronised with one or multiple computers (best of course Apples, equipped with Time Machine software, but even Windows PC’s will do) and it comes with half a terabyte of storage (or a full terabyte, if you want to backup your entire neighbourhood).
In our new vision document TechnoVision 2012 – much more about it soon on this blog – we introduce the concept of Invisible Infostructure: an information-rich business and technology infrastructure that is virtual, remotely managed, self-configuring and delivered as a utility, thus almost perfectly invisible to its users. This device fits perfectly in that vision, but then again, who want this little cutie to be invisible…
Seduced by The Apple again. How do they do it? And how can we copy it to deal better with our everyday business / IT challenges at work? For the very, very first time in my life I consider making a backup to be a cool activity. That’s a monumental achievement. Period.