What does iPodification mean? I thought I knew, but it remains a fuzzy subject. I tried googling for definitions, and I only found these (including one of my own attempts of defining it):

  • the process of making technology simpler or easier to use by reducing the complexity of a device or its user interface (found on the wiktionary),
  • a noun to demonstrate the fact of using the whole iPod experience as a benchmark of sorts for any consumer-based products designer (source),
  • the almost evolutionary ongoing process of devices becoming smarter and especially smaller
    (and eventually leading to nothing at all),
  • and making “digital stuff” portable (the fuzziest one of them all…).

There does not yet exist a Wikipedia article on iPodification, making the term sort of unreal, doesn’t it?. Like many others, I tend to trust Wikipedia. And that makes me tend to doubt terms that have no definition on WikiPedia (note my use of the verb ‘tend’). Funny thing, really. I guess I should write the Wikipedia article myself then.
So again, what does iPodification mean? Based on the first three definitions above, I’d say that iPodifying something means that the thing gets simpler, smaller, smarter and a lot cooler than its predecessors. Also, this definition only applies to devices that do not have an Apple iPod in their ancestry. Because iPodification can also mean “creating an iPod-like device” or something that is at least as cool as one, but possibly cooler (and smaller, simpler and smarter). See?
Some time ago, I thought that iPodification is about using the iPod and its descendants as a medium for publishing content, and as such making the tails of the web longer. Oh, what the hell, the English language is already full of ambiguities, so why not add another one. As far as I am concerned, both meanings are right. The first is applied to hardware and the second to the content that you carry around on those things.
Case closed: iPodification unfuzzed.