They say it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, but with 2 billion of us now using information and communications technology to share information with each other with almost every breath we take – not to mention the associated billions of pieces of software in the world which process information on our behalf – perhaps the what we know is starting to figure a little more prominently.
It certainly seemed that way when I read recently Capgemini’s own ‘Information Opportunity Report’. It surveyed 125 senior execs in UK private and public sector and in a nutshell the conclusion was unsurprising but stark. ‘Despite the billions of pounds invested in information technology, organisations are still failing to realise
the latent potential of their information.’ In the end, the executives questioned felt that despite (or perhaps because of?) the fact organisations are generating increasing volumes of information, this simply isn’t reaching decision makers in time. And the big question is – ‘why is this so given the amount we’ve spent on IT?’.
The report goes further and based on the responses concludes that harnessing information is an ‘untapped source of £67 billion for the UK economy’.
So, which ever way you look at it, there seem to be billions of reasons to get back to basics a little and re-balance toward the ‘I’ part of IT. IMO the report is an insightful read and if you’re interested you can get a copy here or contact the author, Ramesh Harji.
If you’ve been following the blog for a little while you’ll have no doubt gathered that we’re attempting to bring into our work a real focus toward information systems and a way for ‘business’ and ‘IT’ people to better communicate with each other through a renewed focus on it. In my judgement, whatever our industry can do to (re)focus toward the information itself is a good thing – for specific organisations and also for the greater economic and societal benefit. I hope you enjoy the report.