I usually start the day with firing off that foxy browser to explore the internet. A good starting point to get some vibes is the Capgemini Web 2.0 overview page which gives an one-eye overview of what’s happening in the Capgemini universe. Then I usually consume some RSS feeds that gives me some food for thought. And then the day starts. While reflecting on the latest news and sipping on my cappuccino in that delicious coffee bar around the corner, I moblog an article to my personal weblog or take a picture with my cellphone and Flickr it online. Usually I’m so taken up by my mobile twittering that I forget to notice the name of the gorgeous coffee girl. Too bad, could have facebooked her and flirt with her through status updates. However I noticed that in the Netherlands that they are more into hyving, which made me create an account there as well. It’s quite hard to keep track of all your friends that are feeding you with their interesting lifes.
One of my latest gadgets to enrich my life as a techno-sexual is an iPod that made me realize that touching is so much better than scrolling. After connecting to the local wifi, I check the Youtubed adventures of my friends and total strangers, till my secretary SMSes me to ask why I didn’t RSVP to the company’s beach party invitation yet. But SMS is so 2000, I actually prefer to be blackberry’d since the company pays then when I am replying.
So after all the social networking, I often check my second life where I meet up with Tim or our Spanish SL experts. Quite awesome how they managed to build a new virtual Capgemini office. It almost makes me forget to get back to my first life in the real office. Unfortunately not in sunny Span but in rainy Netherlands.
Oh, it’s time to go home. Just need to Cap IT off to our corporate technology blog…