Ron Tolido wrote that iPodification leads to nothing (quite literally) eventually. Until then, we will unfortunately have to carry around all our cumbersome gadgets. Sure thing, they are indeed getting smaller and smarter, usually right after you bought one, rendering your new precious obsolete (no matter how long you wait).
In the impressive 6 volume epic “Reality Dysfunction” Peter F. Hamilton writes about a far and dazzling future where people have the ability to have themselves genetically customized. They have genetically enhanced senses and can even digitally (for lack of a better term, I use digitally, because surely, digital computing will become extinct) record experienced senses for later replay. These senses are shared on a universe wide web. This same medium is used for telecommunication. Messages are e-thoughts with attached e-experiences. A nice example of a compelling nothing that iPodification could lead to.
In the mean time, iPodification is taking some very interesting shapes. Take the iPodified baby for example, or Levis’ iPodified jeans. But mostly, iPodification means making “digital stuff” portable. I don’t know how to put that better. The digital stuff can be anything: books (have a look at Podiobooks), maps, movies, language courses, schedules, music, e-mail, news, directories… Some of that stuff is expected to be there when you need it, even if you don’t know you are going to (context bound stuff, like local maps and directories, and ads too because without them there is no business case).
In short: Based on your current situation, your iPod should intelligently synchronize itself with a personalized repository of digital stuff. Wait a minute, were we talking about a PDA or an iPod? The boundaries between gadget categories become blurred. PDA’s entertain you while helping you navigate and iPods are organizing your life while you are dancing. How applicable does that make the term “iPodification”? Has iPodification become obsolete already? Help me find a better word!