VisiCalc on the Apple II platform in ’79 is generally regarded as one of the first “killer apps” for the desktop computer. I wasn’t born back then, so I can’t tell you how great it was, but I did experience email as one of the killer apps for the Internet. Now with the mobile revolution (well at least according to Apple and Google), one can wonder where the spreadsheet for mobile is? There doesn’t seem to be “the killer app” for mobile enterprise users.
Fair enough, Blackberry’s email service could be regarded as a major, well actually the only, driver for RIM’s handsets, but I still expect to see some kind of application that will blow away, us enterprise users, from our feet and let us rush to the stores to get such a device.
Now that we’re talking about push email anyway, Apple could compete directly with the Blackberry by positioning its .Mac service as a push email service (don’t know if actually exists already?) in order to drive enterprise adoption. (And I actually think that a lot of home users will appreciate this feature as well!) So can Google, with their GMail service on the Android platform.
I’m using both a Nokia E61 smart phone and a Blackberry 8700 and except for their excellent email handling capabilities, I’m not blown away by any of the other features. Reading PDF documents? Screen is too small and the mobile PDF software screws up your document layout. Surfing on the Internet? Well, Facebook Mobile is quite cool, but still have lots of issues with rich user interface websites (although I have to say that Opera Mini gets better and better). Before you start wondering why I am surfing on Facebook Mobile on the company Blackberry: our global Java Community has a presence over there… 😉
But all complaints aside, where is the mobile killer app that will drive enterprise adoption? Google Maps with a GPS chip? Integration with SAP or SalesForce? All exist already, but doesn’t seem to create much more than some ripples in the water.
Now, both Apple and Google are counting on the developer community to invent some great apps for their respective platform to drive adoption. So does that mean that they can’t come up with a killer app either…?
Please enlighten me…