As life in the real world, or my first life as I think of it, continues so does life in Second Life, or SL. However I am finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile progress in SL itself with ‘real’ progress in the use of virtual worlds. Before all you SLs out there, and judging by previous responses there are a lot, hit me with your postings can I explain that what I am looking for is the ‘game changing’ moment to finally arrive.
There is no doubt that SL is continuing to attract more companies, but at the same time it seems to be experiencing more difficulties too, maybe scale is the issue, or maybe it’s just a problem for Linden Labs about getting used to managing services to high levels of reliability. Either way Project Open Letter signed by 1500 residents complaining about service levels is not good news for anyone. You can read the official reply posted on April 30th, and the new initiatives that Linden is planning to deliver, at the official SL blog.
I had high hopes that the Life 2.0 event on all this week 30th April to Friday 4th May to deliver what I am looking for – event details are here but to keep up generally go to the ever interesting site associated with Virtual Worlds.