While preparing for an upcoming sequel to my item on collective intelligence, I couldn’t avoid elaborating on the Web 2.0 concept once more. Of course, one can do the obvious and browse through the official definitions again. Alternatively, there’s still room for irritation about this ineradicable tendency of marketing people to use ‘2.0’ as a rejuvenation therapy for even new, evolving concepts as SOA and Identity.
And talking about irritating marketing people: even Second Life (which – come to think of it – should have been christened Life 2.0, obviously a missed opportunity) cannot escape this wave. Already, many trend watchers are discussing Web 3.0. And I am not referring to this semantic network in which information is containing its own meaning and context. Been there. Done that. No, we are referring to all of the ideas of Web 2.0, but then in a virtual, 3D World with a remarkably high number of stunning, blond inhabitants.
Interesting. Until now I never, ever would have associated Second Life with hypes, borderline marketing and overstrained, unrealistic expectations.

Who – like me – is simply too narrow-minded to see that watching a virtual, 3D concert is so much more fun than experiencing the same performance in a steaming, beer-drenched concert hall, probably will appreciate this strong suggestion to get a real, First Life. Go outside! Meet real people! Listen to the birds singing! Smell the grass! Feel somebody’s skin! All of these new, exciting sensations you can actually undergo in life. Your World. Sorry About That.
Maybe we should dedicate another online petition, in order to battle the rise of Web 3.0 discussions. It sure worked to fight SOA 2.0 off: according to Wikipedia even Gartner – with a 0.9 probability that is – denies to have ever used the concept seriously. They actually coined Advanced SOA and state that it is only ‘whimsically’ referred to as web 2.0.
I can add nothing to that. Especially because, being a non-native English speaker and writer – I fail to grasp the exact meaning of this particular adjective. Probably should have waited for the semantic web after all.
(Sorry about the sequel on the Power of Many. I was distracted. Soon!).