Credit to Cash

Gain significant cost savings and process improvements without disrupting your business. Our Finance & Accounting BPO services provide complete Credit to Cash (C2C) solutions that look at the whole spectrum of your C2C processes.

Innovate Your Business Processes with Credit to Cash

To stay competitive, today’s global enterprises are focusing on their core competencies – they want to simplify, accelerate and grow. True business process optimization raises the bottom line, starting with processing customer sales.

Rather than obtain modest savings and improvements by outsourcing parts of a function, it’s important to find a more complete approach that meets your goals.

Profitability to the Bottom Line

Our working capital strategies automate customer payment processes for greater operational efficiency, cost reduction and increased cash flow. We move our clients from simple transactions to an outsourcing business model that manages and provides complex C2C strategic functions.

You receive:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
  • Increased customer satisfaction


On average, our C2C services provide:

  • 30% reduction in manual processes
  • 20% labor reduction
  • 20% performance improvement in accounts receivable

Expert Solutions Built Specifically for Your Business

Our BPO Credit to Cash solutions serve a range of businesses, from midmarket to enterprise companies. We leverage top resources and technologies to create customized solutions, rather than an off-the-rack fix.

We combine innovation in technology with a global delivery platform that finds the best solutions for your entire business. Our technological expertise and Rightshore® approach improve business process efficiency and reduce labor costs. Expertise, strategic planning and technical automation create stability, security and safety throughout your C2C processes.

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